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We all yearn for recognition of who we really are, to be seen as we really are. Therapy and counselling can be a space where we bring the whole of ourselves, where sometimes for the first time all aspects of our being are truly seen and accepted.

Through the therapist's skilful and attentive listening, reflection and dialogue, insights and change can emerge. Stress and depression can be addressed.

We all have our innate wisdom and healing capacity, but sometimes we can lose touch with it and it becomes blocked. We then repeat painful and destructive patterns, or we become lost in depression and feelings of meaninglessness.

In Core Process Psychotherapy we look at our personal history, to understand how the past has shaped what we are today.

With the guidance of the psychotherapist/counsellor we also focus on how we are in the present moment, through body sensation, thought and imagination. This enables us to see how our choices arise in each moment about how we live our lives and how in each moment there is the possibility of doing things differently.

This development of deep awareness to explore our unique process can penetrate and transform stuck underlying patterns. It is a process where the client learns to become their own guide, using their awareness to allow clarity, insight and compassion to arise.

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